Posted by: nrm2010 | February 4, 2010

Getting to the NRM

Those of who are attending the event, please save this or keep a print out ready.

The NRM’s sprawling premises is located in the diplomatic neighbourhood of Chanakyapuri.  Here’s a map of the nearby area (with the NRM placemark)

From New Delhi Station

The easiest way to reach the NRM from NDLS is to head to the Pahargunj side (Please Note that all buses from NDLS now leave from Ajmeri gate side i.e. platform # 16) and take bus no. 604. This will drop you off at the roundabout of Shanti Path/Nyaya Marg. The NRM is a 5-min walk from here. If you are in doubt, ask a passerby to the whereabouts of the Embassy of Bhutan. The NRM is right next door to this embassy.

From Hazart Nizamuddin

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to get the NRM from here. The best thing to do would be to hire a pre-paid auto/taxi from the stand outside pf.1.

Cabs/Taxi Service

Meru Cabs in Delhi offer a quick and convenient way of getting around town. And they are a good bet to reach the NRM from many parts of the city. The cabs have a minimum charge of Rs. 30 and thereafter Rs. 15 per km. They can be engaged by calling 011-44224422. Please make sure you book a cab atleast a couple of hours in advance.



  1. What is the minimum and maximum time taken by bus No. 604 from Ajmeri Gate to NRM?

  2. Jitendra – #604 will take 30-40 mins from NRM to NDLS

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