Posted by: nrm2010 | February 6, 2010




  1. Saar, Idli and Medu Wada in Dilli ki sardi? No Aloo De Parathe aur Lassi? 😉

    (Please do not mind excessive comments from my side – a severe snowstorm here in eastern USA has put me under house arrest and all I am gonna be doing is monitoring NRM 2010 continuously!)

  2. +1 to karan!

  3. For a second, I thought this was Chennai!

  4. Food is yummy…….. I am missing NRM 2010

  5. Beats even the best pantry car fare hollow, I am sure!



  6. Looks good!

    @Karan: Aloo De Parathe aur Lassi is probably on the menu for tomorrow…Shanx & Co might have saved their best for last 😉

    • Is there any provision for home delivery of packed lunch??

  7. Ravi and Jayakar seem to be enjoying the idli and vada.

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