Posted by: nrm2010 | February 6, 2010

Traffic Management around VT – Ashish and Jayant

  • This is going to be amazing!
  • Ashish explaining the history of the construction of the line to Kalyan and beyond.
  • VT-Currey Road was quadrupled in 1905

  • Originally, the harbour line was only till Reay Road because steam locos couldn’t handle the ramp outside Sandhurst Rd.
  • Kurla-Chembur opened in 1924
  • Reay Rd-CSTM with a ramp at Sandhurst Rd in 1925
  • Electrification happened in the same year. Feb 1st 1925 was the first EMU run on the line.
  • GIPR mainline electrified only in 1926.
  • Chembur-Mankhurd opened in 1950. The Thane Creek bridge was being constructed during this time.
  • 1998 makred the first run to Panvel by an EMU.
  • Ashish quickly running through the various milestones
  • Some wonderful old historic pictures around the Harbour line.
  • Picture of  woodden bodied EMU climbing the ramp at Sandhurst Rd.
  • VT/CSTM had 14 platforms in 1929!
  • Smoking banned in locals in 1976.
  • Now onto the route layout in CSTM
  • A nice diagram explaining the whole thing
  • Ashish and Jayant walking us through the dispatch routes from various platforms
  • Difference between morning and evening dispatch patterns discussed.
  • Different types of EMU rakes: 9 car DC, 12 car DC. 12 car DC-AC BHEL made rakes, 12 car DC-AC Siemens, MRVC made rakes and 9 car MRVC to be introduced soon.
  • Next slide – how rakes are handled from CSTM to KSRA via SDG-TNA-DI-SDG. SDG is Sidings at the various stns.
  • Now a walkthrough the functions of a car shed – inducting and testing, repairs and deciding rake links.
  • Key people manning the various operations – Control office, pf. inspector, indicator inspector, announcer, crew controllers etc;

  • More details about the various operators.
  • Apparently, one common code for the southbound (Karjat) trains is ‘Shankar’
  • There are no weekly off’s for motormen and guards
  • A sample crew link is being explained.

  • Rake inspections for the first trains of the day start at around 1AM at CSTM.
  • Ashish setting up the ‘big picture’ using a nice chart

Folks, we are a wrap up for the presentation. We’ll have the ppt uploaded so that you can get all the details. Too vast to blog effectively!



  1. I bet it is going to be. Can you get Mr Simon to compare the intricacies of CSTM and MAS. For starters, I believe the layout of the two stations is ‘similar’. Only the size and traffic volumes are larger at CSTM.

  2. Wonderful notes about the history!

  3. Can we get to see the old heritage photos??

  4. A quick question – “Chembur-Mankhurd opened in 1950. The Thane Creek bridge was being constructed during this time.” – Which creek bridge are we talking about here? The one outside Thane probably existed since 19th century and if you are talking about the one outside Vashi, it was probably not being constructed in 1950 – even by slowest Indian standards it wouln’t take 48 years to build a bridge!!!

  5. Looking forward eagerly for the ppt!

  6. Begining Mankhurd-Vashi line in 1994 should have been highlited as one of the biggest milestone.

  7. Southbound are known as “Shankar” and Northbound is sometimes referred to as “Narayan”.

  8. Fascinating (in particular, Shankar and Narayan for S & N) !! Waiting for the PPT…

  9. Where is the PPT? I am waiting for it!

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