Posted by: nrm2010 | February 6, 2010

Vikas Singh’s presentation on the Indian Railways through philately

  • Starts off with a few clips from old Bollywood movies.
  • Vikas mentions the the various design standards of Indian steam locos
  • Beautiful stamps from old. Wow!
  • An A-Class from the Jodhpur Railway makes this first day cover amazing.
  • Vikas walking us through all the various NG locos and their associated stamps. He tells us that the current loco working on the KVR was plinthed initially and restored to steam.
  • Now, moving on to the BESA designs. Reduction in various models.
  • Beautiful old special issue labels from SER
  • Now onto the American designs knows as MAWD.
  • More stamps of the WP from all over the world.

  • Beautiful blue special covers featuring a YP.
  • Wow! A wonderful cover featuring the Batasia loop.
  • Vikas walking us through the end of steam with a stamp of ‘Antim Sitara’, the last WG to be manufactured.

Vikas gets a standing ovation for his amazing philately work.



  1. Q for Vikas.. no stamps with Alcos or the electrics?

  2. @vrij – this presentation was about steam!

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