Posted by: nrm2010 | February 7, 2010

And the clue hunt begins…

After a quick cup of coffee and tea, folks are out roaming the grounds of the NRM, identifying the clues and putting the answers together. And for the rest of you folks, here’s the clue list. There are 15 of them. You can use the photos on the gallery to arrive at an answer

  1. The conflict between man and animals are nothing new. Just like these days, elephants were run over – in fact, they even derailed trains. One such relic of an elephant run over more than a century ago exists somewhere here. Name the forest where this happened and the exact date.
  2. It does ensure safety in single line sections by allowing only one train only in one direction. According to NRM, when was this instrument, aptly named at least here – based on its colour (in Hindi) invented?
  3. . Why, Why would we ask this question? This did ‘banker’ duties on Igatpuri and Poona Ghats before it was sold to a metal major for their use. This was brought to rest at NRM after a great service of 88 years. Name the loco – Just the name alone as on the plaque
  4. Gandhiji would have been proud of this place in South Africa. Though this could not really rise from the ashes, this would have let out tons of ashes. Not of the Australia England rivalry, but the real ones on tracks. Name the loco.
  5. I was born in 1888 in Scotland. My appetite for coal was increased and I got an A for it. Remember my crown. Look for a real crown on my head. It bears the name of my capital. Name my capital.
  6. . I was born because someone had a whacky idea that you do not need coal to make steam! To make it more embarrassing, they gave me a colour that makes naughty kids yell “ ____, _____ dirty fellow!” Boy! My makers made some beautiful WDM3 diesel locos why did they make me like this? Name my maker.
  7. A long and illustrious list of work horses of Indian Railways that still continue to hold silly rail fans in awe. I have the pride of being the first of the kind considering my classification! My road number contains 3 zeroes to signify how special I am. I do not look anywhere close to my successors and in fact, if you look at me from behind, you would think I was a passenger coach! Just name my classification.
  8. I was the biggest of my kind when I ruled the mining areas of Bengal Nagpur. So big was I that I needed two sets of tenders to move me. I look as if I am pushing my own luggage trunk on an articulated cart! There are two patents mentioned on my plate. Name the two parties who own the patents.
  9. Regality is in my colour of pure white for I was made to serve the Prince who would be King. Maybe the colour serves the reminder of the Taj Mahal for I was built in the same place as the Taj. Bit tricky? Well walk around but name me.
  10. Regality is in my crest for I was made to carry a King. Now do not be confused with the foreign king. If you are looking at the Lion-elephants holding a twin headed-eagle, you are right. Funnily, I could run on both meter and broad gauge and the King inside would not even notice the switch.  Who am I?
  11. Now what in the world is a Joy’s Gear? Funny? Well dig this – I have inside cylinders too! I was built in Ajmer and I ruled the roost hauling mails and expresses in current day Western Railways zone.  Name me.
  12. Look at me! Now who would have thought I am a locomotive with that nice little balcony with yellow railings, a door and a window right at the front? Above all, look at all the unusual combinations I have: meter gauge, goods hauler, DC electric power! You cannot miss me. Now tell me who built me.
  13. A 2-8-2 who was a 0-8-0 before I went into a weight reduction programme. I had an interesting job of pushing freight wagons up a ramp and watching them slide down and get distributed.
  14. Look at me. Such a tiny fellow! I am a ‘narrow guy” but share my name plate with a wide-bodied jet that has the biggest aero engines ever built. While my namesake was built in Seattle, I was built in the highlands of Scotch and kilts and carried people to the highlands of fine teas. What is my road number?
  15. I must have been considered quite a beauty queen in my time. To add, I was also a chameleon that always changed identity to suit the dignitary I served be it a queen, a president or a lord. Name the American President I was once named after.

Now go and figure it out!



  1. 7. WDM-1

  2. 2. Nelis ball token.

  3. Sir Henley Rogers.

  4. that was for the 3rd question.

  5. 6. DLW

  6. 8. Bayer- Garratt

  7. check NRM site…all the exhibits from the clues are there. Better still, check S Shankar’s pages on NRM..they are even betterand more informative

    • No doubt that actually seeing the exhibits would make it easier to guess the answers. I just love the way the clues have been written. Hats off to all of you for this awesome quiz! Wish I had physically been there to soak it all up 😦

  8. Good luck to the delegates.

  9. Its impossible to answer these questions without having the actual beauties in front of us, but if I was present there, I can decipher some clues which would have made it easier to run to the specimens. Just stating what all I could figure out-

    1. Run to the skull of elephant kept inside the enclosed gallery and look for the date and place.

    2. Lalten? (Lantern)

    3. Sir Leslie Wilson!

    6. The bright yellow steam loco that is directly fed steam, not coal!

    8. The gigantic Garrett

    12. The bright blue little YCG-1! I remember taking a photo on this guy with Ankit Bharaj on my NRM visit last year!

    Others, I give up!

  10. Wow! These are tough ones for those not steeped in the lore of steam. Here’s my rather pathetic attempt.

    6. Henschel
    7. WDM-1
    8. Garratt
    14. 787

  11. …and what happened after this?
    Answers? Winners? Next Convention details?
    Eagerly waiting for the concluding update!

  12. Answers:

    1. Saranda Jungle, near Goilkera on 28th Sep 1894.
    2. Neale’s Ball Token
    3. Y2
    4. Phoenix
    5. Hubli(Loco: FMA 37302)
    6. Henschel fireless loco (Yellow Yellow Dirty Fellow)
    7. WDM 1 (17000)
    8. EW Garratt and Beyer, Peacock and Co. (Loco: Beyer Garratt steam Locomotive)
    9. Prince of Wales Saloon
    10. Mysore Maharaja’s saloon
    11. M2-162 steam loco
    12. Hawthorn Leslie and Co (Loco: YCG 1/21900)
    13. Steam locomotive XG/M-911
    14. 777-B (loco: DHR saddle tank loco
    15. Roosevelt (Loco: Steam loco EM-922)

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