Posted by: nrm2010 | February 7, 2010

Day 2 – Breakfast

On the menu is Chole Bature, Dhokla and Khandvi’s. The attendees have started streaming in and we should be ready for the sessions in about half hour.



  1. Dhokla and Khandvi! Waah! Bahu saras! From South India, we have come up to Gujarat now! 🙂

  2. Thanks for that update………….let me get something to eat for dinner before the quiz starts.
    I would like to thank the blogger in advance for keeping us updated.
    My best wishes to the Delhi gang, the organizing and program committee for the 2nd and final day.
    I am also eager to know who is going to bid for 2011.
    SC should go for it in my opinion.
    Hail Indian Railways !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. It was a wonderful opportunity to interact with rail-fans from all walks of life at NRM 2010, and to meet Shanx, Vikas, Bharat, Apurva, Venkatraman, Srinivasan and others in person. The dicey weather in the Capital at this time of the year was fortunately favourable, with warm days and nights, especially so during the outing to TKD Loco Shed. Today, however, is contrastingly cold, windy and rainy – incidentally the first showers of the winter season due to snowfall in the hills around Himachal and J&K; the weather being quite “un-conventional”, and had it been so over the past two days it would have been quite inconveniencing for all of us!

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