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NRM 2010 – Day 2 Round Up

Folks the 2010 Convention of IRFCA has come to a close. Here is a roundup of the final sessions on Day 2.

After the video quiz and the Clue hunt on the NRM grounds, the delegates assembled back in the auditorium for the closing session. This session was kicked off with a wonderful presentation of modelling Indian Railways by Mr. Ranjeev Dubey who is a member of the Indian Steam Railway Society (ISRS) and Friends of the National Railway Museum (FNRM).

Ranjeev started out modelling Indian Railways over 25 years ago and today his layout is a sight to behold. Built entirely at home with a just a smattering of commercially available stuff, Ranjeev has used t-shirt buttons, cocktail sticks, toilet paper and a whole lot of stuff lying about at his home into a virtual replica of the Kalka Simla Railway. His work features KC, ZDM1, F Class locos and near perfect models of Simla, Barog & Solan stations. Ranjeev had important tips for budding modellers and more importantly, his work proved what single minded devotion to a hobby can result in.

Ranjeev’s session was followed by the first ever IRFCA Awards ceremony where the following awards were given away

IRFCA Trip Album of the Year – Apurva Bahadur & Lalam Mandavkar for A Tale of Two Viaducts

IRFCA Trip report of the Year – Mohan Bhuyan for Upper Class to Sheopur Kalan

IRFCA Photo of the Year – Naveen M for his image of the Boat Mail at Pamban Bridge

Next was the turn of the quiz winners. The competition was so close that it would have been unfair to award just the top 3. So here were the top 6

Special Award #1Raymond Arogyaswamy from Chennai (The prize for the same was graciously provided by Hugh Penri Williams)

Special Award #2 – Just short of the top 3 and jointly placed were the duo of Dr. Jitendra Mulky from Dahanu Road and our LP S Sampath Kumar from Madgaon. (These prizes were specially provided by Raymond Arogyaswamy)

2nd Runner up –  Our veteran quizzing champ Ajai Banerji from Jaipur

1st Runner up – Another veteran featured here, Mr. Biswarup Basu from Talcher missed the top spt by a whisker

Winner – After consistently strong performances in past Convention quizzes, Sagar Tipnis from Thane won the top spot at the IRFCA Quiz 2010.

But this was not it…. in its 20th anniversary year it was only fit that the two of the founding members of IRFCA present at the Convention were appreciated for starting the movement that is now an intrinsic part of our lives. A special award went to Dr. Dheeraj Sanghi and Ajai Banerji but the other founders were with us in spirit for sure. And for his invaluable contribution to the the Indian railfan community, Apurva Bahadur was the recepient of another special award which summed up the evening.

As the session wound to a close, a discussion ensued on the next Convention venue. Pune and Bhusawal emerged as the two likely venues, but it was decided that it would be left up to the the votes of the entire IRFCA community to decide the host city for IRFCA Convention 2011.

NRM 2010 ended with another sumptuous lunch which comprised Kadhai Chicken, Dal Makhani, Matar Paneer, Kadhi Pakodi,  Veg Noodles & Manchurian Gravy along with Ice Cream.

Post lunch, most of the assembled gang boarded the bus which dropped them at NZM and NDLS while the Delhi gang along with Bharath, VSP, Kunal D, Sachin Buddhisagar & Vivek Pillay dunked a whole lot of beers and kebabs to celebrate another memorable IRFCA Convention.

A special word of thanks to

  • Vikas Singh
  • Vikas Chander (the convention t-shirts & lunch was courtesy him)
  • Sandeep Sharma
  • Vivek Mathur
  • Ankit Bharaj
  • Ashish Kuveklar
  • Lalam Mandavkar
  • Apurva Bahadur
  • S Srinivas
  • Bharath Moro

and most importantly to Mayank Tewari for believeing that NRM 2010 was really possible.

May our tribe grow

See you next year…………



  1. Congrats Vikas, Shanx, Sid and team…

    Seems like yet another memorable IRFCA event.


  2. So another convention comes to a memorable end. Compliments to the organisers for a job well-done. Great work, folks! And hats off to Mayank Tiwari for making this possible.

    Congratulations to the winners of the quiz and the IRFCA Awards. Well done!

    I really, really missed being a part of this convention and touchwood, I will be there for the next one. Since Pune has already hosted a convention before, perhaps BSL or NGP 2011? Lets wait for the discussion on the list!!! 🙂

  3. Aha! So Sagar Tipnis makes it yet again! Folks, Sagar should be given the Lifetime Achievement Award so that he makes way for someone else to win 😉
    Just kidding… congrats Sagar!

    And, it would be great that after being hosted at the historic NRM, the IRFCA Convention moves on to another landmark of Indian Railways – the center of IR – NGP! (or some place around it!)

  4. Congratulations to the organizers of NRM 2010 and I am looking forward to vote for the venue for the next convention.
    Also I would like to congratulate the winners and runners of the quiz.
    Hope I will be able to attend the next convention.
    Till we meet again…..Bye.

  5. Congratulations to all the quiz winners! I am very curious to know as to how they found the video quiz – easy, just right or difficult? My only concern is that three clues were one too many for each scene. Originally, the plan was to make it interactive, so that there would be one guessing round after the 1st clue itself; it would move onto clue 2, only if the participant wanted an extra one; clue 3 was actualy meant to be a ‘giveaway’. For example, Scene 1 Clue 3 – “train starts from Tirunelveli” – that’s a dead giveaway. Anyway, it’s the first time we tried it. If there is sufficient interest, we can choose to keep it for future conventions, and refine it further.

  6. Nice to see Dheeraj, Apurva and Ajai get special awards 🙂 Wasn’t Jishnu there? Wondering if a time will come when Dheeraj, Aravind, Jishnu, Pushkar, Ajai and myself can meet again. S. Kumar is pretty much out of reckoning – he seems to have distanced himself from railfans 😦

  7. I was a little surprised about HYB not selected as the next convention venue. But it’s good that we are thinking new venues like Bhusawal.

  8. I Wanna Thank those dear friends of mine who were bussy sharing the events which were in progess when the mega event was proceeding Really after reading all these events, now i beleive how big is the fan club of Indian Railways . Really am fortunate to be a part of this, to be among those who have really enriched there hobby just feels great .. Congratulations to the Event organisers for putting up a great event .. Looking forward to the next convention and hope we will bring the convention to Bhopal as well very soon …

  9. wow its gr8 to hear all that abt the convention

  10. This is my 1st ennovation and find very wonderfull expirience in TKD Diseal shed Trip, and I thanking to Mr.Shashank Nanda and Mr.Vikas Singh. THANKS

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