Posted by: nrm2010 | February 7, 2010

Video Quiz – Part 1

Folks, here’s the video for the first part. Please start cracking away!

IR Video Quiz – Part 1 from Mani Vijay on Vimeo.



  1. Gang,

    See if you can guess the answer by just going through Part 1 (first clue). If not, then play till the end of Part 2 (2nd clue). If you still didn’t get the answer, then play till end of Part 3 to get the 3rd clue. If you still didn’t get it…….God save you 🙂

    • Clarification – when I said Part 1/2/3, I meant the three parts of the SAME scene.

    • 1. Nellai Exp to Egmore

      2. Either of Asansol, Dhanbad or Gomoh

      3. Overtaken train: Saurashtra Janata Exp

      4. Cuttack, Mahanadi

      5. Two S/Fs using the southbound line: Karnataka Exp., Goa Exp (stn is Manmad)

  2. 1. Is it the Nagercoil- Egmore Express.

  3. 2. The station looks like one on southern railway ………….probably chengalpet.

  4. scene 3 – no idea.

  5. scene 4- 2nd river is mahanadi

  6. scene 5- no clue.

  7. Can someone please upload Video 1 & 2 on youtube. Vimeo is not accessible through my campus LAN.

    Thanks In advance,

  8. where is the next convention?

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