Posted by: nrm2010 | February 7, 2010

Video Quiz – Part 2

And here’s part 2. Even more challenging, it is going to be!

IR Video Quiz – Part 2 from Mani Vijay on Vimeo.

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  1. for the first part – is it the TN express departing NDLS.

    • Ramdev, you have to give the answers using the Scene number (1 to 20). Each part has five scenes.

  2. No it cannot be the TN express.

  3. River is the Narmada .

  4. scene 6- is it Bina Jn

  5. scene 6- Mumbai Raj

  6. scene 7- river is Krishna

  7. scene 8 – no idea

  8. scene 9- WCM 2

  9. scene 10 – no idea.

  10. Scene 6: TVC Raj on the erstwhile route via JHS (station is Bina)

    7: Krishna river

    8: Ajmer

    9: WCM2, destination is Kanyakumari

    10: Saurashtra Mail at Rajkot

  11. Scene 7 – River is Tungabhadra near Manthralayam Road.

    Scene 9 – WCM2 for the 1081 VT-Cape Kanyakumari ‘Jayanthi’ Exp

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