Posted by: nrm2010 | February 7, 2010

Video Quiz – Part 3

And it gets better. Here’s part 3

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  1. It gets better and better! Do we post answers right here or send them to some email id?

  2. Also, the question in Scene 14 is blurred. Could you please re-post it here?

  3. scene 11 -no idea

  4. scene 11-was it TN and Dakshin express.

  5. scene 12- katni jn

  6. scene 13- agra cantt

  7. scene 13—not agra but I guess it is Asansol

  8. Taking a cue from Ramdev, I’ll post here;

    Scene 11: Your train is the TN, the other train is the Kerala Express.

    Scene 12: The train is the Patna/Rajendranagar – LTT Express and the station is Katni.

    Scene 13: The train is the Howrah-Ranchi Shatabdi and the station is Raniganj.

    Scene 14: Question is blurred.

    Scene 15: The train is the Coro and the station is Vizianagaram.

  9. scene 14 – again!!!!!!!!!!!!no idea.

  10. 11 – TN & Kerala (though I could count just 3/4 AC coaches in the Kerala. So, it may not be Kerala after all)

  11. Scene 11. Your train: TN exp; other train: Kerala exp

    12: Katni stn, Patna-LTT exp

    13: HWH-BKSC Shatabdi (now HWH-RNC Shatabdi) through Raniganj

    14: Ahmedabad stn

    15: Coromandel through Vizianagaram stn

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