Posted by: nrm2010 | February 7, 2010

Video Quiz – Part 4

And finishing off this part of the quiz is part 4

Hope you all have fun answering the questions. Again, many, many thanks to Mani Vijay for putting together this amazing quiz.



  1. You are most welcome! I truly enjoyed putting this quiz together. Hoping that it was all worth the effort. Thanks to Sridhar, Ranga, Shanx and Bharath for going through many iterations to get the files downloaded and set-up properly. Can’t wait to see the recording of the show!

  2. I give up!!!

  3. Vijay.. Tussi great ho.. tohfu kabool karo!!

    Seriously.. what a wonderful quiz! You folks have me stumped completely. I can barely guess half the answers and I know more than half those guesses would be wrong.

    My bets to get the winners trophy would be VSP & Dr Mulky!

  4. Here go my guesses:

    Scene 16: The station is Itarsi and the other train is the Amarkantak Express.

    Scene 17: The river is the Pennar and the station afterward is Nellore.

    Scene 18: The station is Rewari and the BG line is coming from Bhiwani.

    Scene 19: The train is the August Kranti Rajdhani and the station is Gangapur City.

    Scene 20: The train is the Sayaji Nagari Express and the river is the Narmada.

  5. And great work putting together the video quiz. Hats off to Vijay and the others who worked on it…really a fantastic concept! 🙂

  6. Scene 16: Itarsi stn, Amarkantak exp

    Scene 17: Rewari stn, BG line from Bhiwani (you are on NDLS-Ajmer Shatabdi)

    Scene 18: Pennar river, Nellore stn

    Scene 19: AK Raj, Gangapur City

    Scene 20: Narmada river, Sayajinagari exp

  7. Hi Vijay, the video quiz series is cool!

  8. Amazing!! That word doesn’t justify the way the quiz has been designed.

    Only a person like Mani Vijay could ever come up with such a great ‘mind-teaser’!! Thank you, Sir!! It is simply awesome!!

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